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Coding has made me braver

I've been coding professionally now for years, and was thinking about affects it has had on my life outside of work. One thing it has definitely done is made me braver.

More willing to start when I don't know how something will end. More willing to start when I don't know exactly how I'll accomplish what I'm setting out to do. More willing to accept that whatever I'm working on might not work. Braver.

It's the mindset I see many of the best developers have: give me time, the right tools, and half way decent docs, and yes, I can build that.

Recent example: when I bought my new bike, it came disassembled. In the past I probably would have brought it to a shop and paid someone to assemble it for me. Instead, I put it together myself. I had the time, the tools, and the docs, so why not!

It has had a huge impact on my life. I'm more willing to sail new waters and visit uncharted territories. More equipped to turn nothing into something. An idea into a thing. To start.

That's all you need. Time, tools, and docs. And bravery.

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